Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Should I Crate Train My Dog?

If you’re a dog owner or even been around people who have a dog, you’ve heard horror stories about dogs that are not kennel trained and have ruined furniture, carpets, floors, drapes, doors, walls, etc., when left alone. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon — but it is avoidable if you kennel train your dog.

I am a strong advocate of kenneling your dog when you are away. Why do I believe you should kennel train your dog? Here is some information to help you realize it’s the right thing to do.

  • Dogs are social animals and can feel extreme anxiety when left alone. When placed in a kennel, dogs are given a safe & secure place they can call their own, reducing stress.
  • Dogs are burrowing animals and are hardwired to want to sleep and live in a burrow. A kennel is a great substitute for this.
  • Kenneling a dog is much safer than letting them roam around in your house. There are a myriad of hazards in a house — some that you would not even image until it’s too late and you come home to find your loving dog strangled on the drapery chord (yes this has happened). Keeping a dog kenneled avoids these hazards.

I’ve spoken with several friends who have dogs, yet refuse to kennel them, saying it’s cruel to close them up in a cage, even after their dog continues to de-stuff their couch for the tenth time.

Key Benefits of Crate Training

There is an adjustment period for your dog to get used to being in a kennel. It could be a week or two or even longer depending on your dog. But once you get your dog trained to stay in a kennel while you’re away, you will reap a number of positive benefits including:

  • No torn up furniture
  • Your dog was kept safely out of harm
  • Your dog will develop better bathroom habits as it will only use the restroom when you let it out
  • You will build a better relationship with your dog because you won’t have to come and yell at your dog for tearing up the house

Remember, a kennel trained dog is a happy dog and makes for a happy owner!