Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Keep Your Dog Safe & Calm During Fireworks

Boom! Bang! Whiz! Most of us enjoy fireworks during the Fourth of July but our poor dogs can get very stressed with all the noise. Some dogs run away from home or cower under heavy furniture to try and feel safe. Here are some tips to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks.

Help Your Dog Cope with Fireworks

  • Desensitize your pup a a young age and before the fireworks start. You can do this by banging pots & pans occasionally with a spoon, clap your hands unexpectedly in the next room or perform any other type of sharp loud noise within hearing distance of your dog. And always praise your pet and be encouraging so they associate good vibes with the noise. You can start off softer and progressively get louder over time. And don’t over do it — remember you’re desensitizing your pet.
  • Make a safe place for your dog. Kennel training is a good technique for this. Add the above desensitizing technique with kennel training and your dog should acclimate well to the noise.
  • During the time when fireworks are being fired, try distracting your dog with toys, treats or other more soothing noises ( I play an acoustic guitar, which my dogs love).
  • Stay home with your dog & hang out with him if you can. Dogs love company when they’re stressed out.
  • Take your dog somewhere that’s more quiet. A friend or neighbor who lives in the country can be a good choice since there’s usually less noise.
  • A new technique is to administer CBD oil or CBD infused treats to your dog. This is a very beneficial and natural extract from the hemp plant that produces a calming effect.

REMEMBER: Make sure your dog’s ID tags or ID chip is up-to-date and double check your yard for places they can escape. But if at all possible, bring your dog indoors during the fireworks.