Introducing the Rainbow Bridge Bracelet Gift Set


BowsieWowsie is excited to introduce the Rainbow Bridge Bracelet Gift Set

Our gift set contains the book, “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend”, a Rainbow Bridge Commemorative bracelet, a jewelry bag and a Rainbow bridge card. It’s the perfect give for anyone who has ever loved a dog.

The Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers

About the Book:

“My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend” is book for dog lovers of all ages, illustrated in full color. A heartwarming story about a boy, his dog and growing up together.  If you’ve ever loved a dog, their story will melt your heart.
• Illustrated poem
• Full color, hand painted watercolor
• 32 pages / 11 x 8.5 Hard cover, case laminate
• For dog lovers of all ages, young and old
Our pets enrich our lives, in addition they provide friendship, love, laughter and treasured memories. The Lava Bead Rainbow Bridge Bracelet is a reminder of the times you’ve spent together with your precious pet. Seven colored stone beads emulate the journey of the beautiful Rainbow Bridge – where your pet eagerly awaits you.

About the Rainbow Bridge Bracelet:

The Rainbow Bridge Bracelet is the perfect gift to give someone who has lost a beloved pet. Or if you’d like to commemorate the passing of your own pet. It’s the perfect companion when paired with the book “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend”.

• Rainbow Bridge Bracelet is made from natural stones and lava beads
• 8″ stretchable elastic – one size fits most
• Paw and heart charms
• Commemorative “I’ll Meet You at the Rainbow Bridge” card
• Jewelry storage bag

Rainbow Bridge Bracelet Symbology:
7 Colored Rainbow Beads: Represents the Rainbow Bridge, where our pets eagerly wait for us to reunite with them.
1 Heart Bead: Represents you and your pet’s life together, and the piece of your heart they took with them.
1 Paw Bead: Represents your beloved pet who awaits for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Black Lava Beads: Represents you and your pets time together here on Earth.
Black lava bead is made of volcanic lava rock
Red bead is made of red agate stone
Orange bead is made of amber stone
Yellow (tiger eye) bead is made of tiger eye stone
Green bead is made of green king stone
Light blue bead is made of turquoise stone
Dark blue bead is made of blue lapis lazuli stone
Purple bead is made of amethyst stone

If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog, “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend” is for you!

Norman Adcox is owner of, along with his wife Sherry and their new whippet puppy Lola.