My New Book Helps People Deal with the Loss of a Pet

Norman Adcox, author of My Dog My Love My Best Friend, loss of a petI’m excited to announce the publication of my NEW book “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend”, dealing with the loss of a pet is available at

The book is based on the special relationship I had with my whippet, Golda, (who passed away in 2015). Following the loss of two other whippets last year within the space of six months from cancer, my wife Sherry and I were devastated by the loss of our dogs Lydia and Olive. They were only nine and eleven years old respectively; a young age for whippets. It’s always difficult to deal with the loss of pet.

Following their deaths, I experienced a deep period of loss and mourning. Thankfully, we had just taken home a thirteen week old puppy, Lola, just before they both passed away. But the feeling of loss was overwhelming. One day, in the depths of sorrow, I sat down and started writing a poem about “getting a puppy when I was young”. The next thing I know, I had written a poem telling about my life with Golda. I read the poem to Sherry and she said it would make a great book for anyone struggling with grief after the loss of a pet.

“My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend” was born — out of the grief of losing a pet

loss of a pet, rainbow bridgeAnd that’s how “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend” was born — out of the grief of losing pets, and the desire to help other pet owners work through the grieving process. The poem is a heartwarming story of a boy who grows up loving his dog, only to lose her one day as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge without him. The story is positive, uplifting and heartfelt, as the boy knows he will see her again some day.

As we began production of the book, we reached out to Michael Finger, Senior Editor for The Memphis Flyer and Memphis magazine, who wrote a poignant and moving Foreword. We also connected with Memphis artist Meredith Wilson to illustrate the book, which features wonderfully colorful hand-painted and moving watercolor illustrations.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how well the book turned out and we’re looking forward to book signings, events and future announcements as it becomes nationally available at retail outlets and book stores.

If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog, “My Dog, My Love, My Best Friend” is for you!

Norman Adcox is owner of, along with his wife Sherry and their new whippet puppy Lola.