Keep Your Dogs safe this Halloween!

Keep your pets safe this Halloween by following these tips...

Safe Pet Costumes. Of you dress your pet, check for choking hazards or potential problems if a pet chews on their costume and make sure their masks don't obstruct their vision.

Watch Out for Scary Decorations. Be aware of burning candles, strings of lights and electrical cords and keep your pets away these decorations.

Keep Pets Inside. Black cats, especially, may be at risk to abuse from strangers on Halloween. Dogs may be scared by noises and costumes. It’s best to keep pets in a safe room deep inside the house and away from the front door to prevent them from running out.

Chocolate is Dangerous for Pets! Do not give candy, especially chocolate, to any pet. Chocolate can be poisonous for dogs. Additional dangerous foods items are: raw bread dough and yeast, onions, garlic, salt, nuts, milk, bones, grapes, raisins, Xylitol and alcohol. Let your children know that it's not okay to share their Halloween treats with their pets.

Have a Safe and Happy Howl-O-Ween from Bowsie Wowsie!
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