Remembering Our Military Dogs on Veteran's Day

e are love our dogs and think they work hard to please us. We take them to classes to train them with the hope that they will learn to come back to you when you call them. But, Nemo the German Shepherd put his life on the line for his owner during the Vietnam War.

Nemo was trained to be a sentry dog at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas and was shipped to Vietnam in 1966. After his original handler returned to the US, Nemo was paired with Airman Second Class Robert Thorneburg. The two formed a close bond right away. On December 3, 1966 after a night of fighting, Thorneburg and Nemo were out on patrol when Nemo sensed something. Before he could radio for backup, a Thorneburg was shot in the shoulder and Nemo was shot in the muzzle. The bullet entered under his right eye and exited through his mouth. Ignoring the wound, Nemo ran towards the 4 gunmen and allowed Thorneburg the time to call for reinforcements. Both man and dog were rushed in for emergency treatment. Nemo’s right eye had to be removed and he received skin grafts on his wounds. Eventually he was flown home to Lackland where he could receive the best Veterinary care. Unlike most of the dogs that served during that time, Nemo was allowed to come home. He lived out the rest of his life at the dog training facility on the Lackland Air Force Base. Nemo died on March 15, 1973.
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